Safety Technology

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Mayser Safety Technology is the technological world leader in tactile sensors for automotive anti-pinch protection. Today, our sensors ensure safety wherever moving parts (on machines, vehicles, trains, robots) need to be slowed, stopped or controlled to protect people.

A whole range of industries benefit from our experience, especially where the need for tailor-made safety concepts has increased with growing automation in many areas of life and work. These include medical technology, mechanical engineering, driverless transport systems or vehicles and theatre construction.

Product overview

Miniature safety edge anti-pinch sensors

Safety bumpers

Collision protection

Capacitive sensors

Control units

Sensor profiles

Seat occupancy sensors

Safety Shoes

WLS spiral cable systems

Cable conduit rails

Non-touch detection system

You can rely on our

  • Innovative safety technology
  • Development and production of tactile and capacitive sensors
  • Application of safe ultrasonic sensors 
  • Solutions and advice on using safety systems to suit your application

Industries & Solutions

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