• Ether-based INDUCON® is used for special requirements due to its high elasticity, improved hydrolysis resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, and very good punching properties.
  • Especially low-emission types are used in automotive interiors. INDUCON® comes in especially flame-retardant qualities, so almost all products comply with the automotive standard FMVSS 302.
  • The physical properties such as density, thickness, compression and Shore hardness, splitting strength, elasticity and air-permeability can be selected variably over wide areas and to close tolerances.
  • INDUCON® features good damping properties as well as good solvent resistance.
  • Also available are refining processes such as impregnation or dyeing, embossing or coating.
  • We also supply self-adhesive versions


  • Spacers, anti-slip material, sealing, filters, liquid storage, vehicle interiors, lubricant storage, adhesive tape backing

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