Medical technology

In medical technology, highly specialised machines are used for analysis and therapy. Their diagnosis or treatment heads come with high movability, so they require collision prevention to protect both patients and medical staff.

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Miniature safety edges

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Sensitive cover

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Our sensitive covers with integrated, invisibly installed miniature safety edges provide a crucial safety function. On contact with a person or object, the system immediately stops the movement, preventing injury or damage.

We also produce non-slip coverings made of hardwearing PUR foam for medical devices and miniature safety edges for automatically adjustable beds and stretchers.

Areas of application

  1. Collision protection
  2. Obstacle detection
  3. Non-slip coverings

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Suitable products

INDUCON® compressed foam

Miniature safety edge anti-pinch sensors

MAYSER BLUEFOAM® non-yellowing PUR foam

Sensitive cover