Career opportunities

  • Internship
    You would like to become acquainted with Mayser and find out what will await you on the job after completion of your studies? We offer diverse internships: from orientation internships to obligatory internships.

    Send us your unsolicited application via the online application form. Please indicate the department and the location you are interested in, and when the internship should take place.
  • Working students 
    As a working student we offer you the opportunity to gain practical experience in one of our technical departments parallel to your course of studies. We offer interesting and varied assignments with flexible work time models that allow optimal coordination of your study and work time. When you complete your degree you have the option of writing your thesis with our support. 

    If you are a team player and would like to contribute the skills you have acquired, please send us your complete application and your performance record – we also welcome unsolicited applications.
  • Thesis 
    In cooperation with universities, colleges and technical schools we assign practically oriented topics for bachelor’s or master’s thesis, or a technical paper. It is important for us to jointly develop a topic that is relevant to actual practice. 

    The application process: 
    Please apply at least three months prior to the planned start of the processing period and send us your current performance record, in addition to your complete application. After reviewing your application we will invite you for a personal interview with the relevant department, in case there is a position open. You can suggest topics to the department, and we will jointly formulate the assignment.

Mayser is the right place for you if you are interested in the practical application of your knowledge and skills within an internationally operating company. We offer dedicated students the opportunity to develop and write their thesis with our support, to implement projects as a working student with fellow employees, or to complete an obligatory internship.

A working student position at Mayser is an ideal opportunity for me to implement the knowledge acquired during my studies in practice and to expand my skills. Open communication in my team allows me to actively participate at all times and to make things happen. Mayser gives me opportunities for both professional and personal development.


Bianke Müller, Working student

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