Corporate history


Introduction of the radio transmission system

The new signal transmission system for the door and gate industry provides long ranges and short reaction times. This ensures fast transmission to the control system and guarantees the protection of people and objects.


50 Years of Foam Technology

Since introducing the compressed foam INDUCON® onto the market for the adhesive tape industry, Mayser can look back over 50 years of innovative advanced development of foam technology.


Introduction of sensor profiles for DIY without tools

With the SP sensor profile product range for DIY, Mayser now offers an anti-pinch sensor solution for the door and gate market that is quick and easy to install on main and secondary closing edges.


New-build and expansion at the site USA, Belleville, MI

Rapid growth in both the automotive and non-automotive sectors makes it necessary to expand production capacity by constructing a new building. The US site employs around 140 employees in Michigan. Apart from producing safety systems for the largest automobile manufacturers in the USA, Mayser USA is now also making safety technology and mill foam mats for the non-automotive sector.


Awarded the Robotics Award

With their ultrasonic safety for securing workpieces in cobot applications, Mayser meets all the requirements of the Robotic Award and is among the winners of the prestigious prize in the area of automation solutions.


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification for MAYSER BLUEFOAM®

Mayser BLUEFOAM® not only complies with the high standard required by the “Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®” certification (15.0.72104 Hohenstein HTTI) for textiles worn close to the skin, but is also especially air-permeable, easy care, UV-resistant, and non-yellowing.


Market launch of Ultrasonic Safety

“Ultrasonic safety” is the ideal solution for non-touch detection of persons and objects in the Safety Technology field.


Introduction of capacitive anti-pinch sensors in railway sector

The capacitive anti-pinch sensor, also referred to as Non-Touch Detection, is used as a safety system on vehicle doors for passengers on public transport.


The subsidiary Mayser Polymer USA, Inc., Canton, MI is founded

Setting up the location in the USA started in 2008 with a sales office being founded in Canton, MI. In 2012 the sales branch became an independet production site.


Market launch of MAYSER BLUEFOAM®

With its non-yellowing and UV-resistant polyurethane foam, the Foam Technology division offers a material that is suitable not only for the clothing and footwear industries, but also for the automotive sector as reinforcement for seat cushions, moulded foam parts, and as laminating foam for steering wheel heating.


Innovation prize for roller shutters, doors, etc. for TRS signal transmission system

Mayser is awarded the innovation prize from the World’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors, gates, and sun protection systems (R+T) 2006 for its TRS signal transmission system based on a transponder. It was specially developed for applications in the roller shutter and sliding door sector.


Mayser Rožňava, Slovakia founded

The construction of an independent factory and the accompanying on-site qualification of personnel will enable the relocation of hat production from Lindenberg to Rožňava. The Design, Sales, and Purchasing Departments will remain in Lindenberg.


Market launch of INDUMONT® self-supporting moulded parts

With the introduction of INDUMONT® Mayser is enhancing its product range with dimensionally stable, self-supporting components and precisely fitting embossed parts for vehicle interiors in the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors.


Mayser France founded in Evry

Mayser sets up another production and sales facility to become a local supplier to the French market in Paris and the surrounding area.


Market launch of the first tactile sensors

In close cooperation with the BIA (German Institute for Occupational Health and Safety), Mayser is developing the first electrical safety mats and following on from this, introduces two trail-blazing products onto the market in the shape of the Mayser Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers.


Safety Technology Division founded

The success story begins with a brilliant idea: at the Ulm headquarters, a conductive fabric is developed that can be used as the basis for surface switches.
Today, the division is a world leader in the manufacture of automotive anti-pinch sensors. Mayser Safety Technology is also used in the areas of commercial vehicles, public transport, medical technology, door, gate, and window construction, aviation und industry/automation/logistics.


Moulding Technology Division founded

Knowledge and experience from hat and textile production also lay the foundation for another innovative business field: thermal forming of textiles for lingerie/corsetry. In 1979 Mayser made a breakthrough with the resistant deformation of cotton textiles.


Market launch of INDUCON® in volume production

Originally used in the processing technology of hat production, the INDUCON® compressed foam was further developed for a new application in the adhesive tape industry and introduced as an independent product on the market.


Foam Technology Division founded

You will find Mayser to be an unconventional and flexible partner for the development and manufacture of polyurethane special foams and system components. The focus here is on customised solutions.


Changes at the top

After Anton Seidl’s death, his son-in-law, Curt M. Zechbauer, takes charge of the company. He converts Mayser into a general partnership.


Acquisition of the straw hat factory Milz in Lindenberg

In the meantime, Anton Seidl, as sole owner of Mayser, acquires the straw hat factory Milz & Cie in Lindenberg. With the acquisition of the company, Mayser is now also making straw hats.


Conversion into a limited liability company

Anton Seidl, the hat maker from Munich takes a stake in Mayser and converts it into a limited liability company. Carl Mayser and Anton Seidl take over the management as equals.


Conversion into a joint stock company

The steady growth requires the transformation into a joint stock company. Mayser AG is now one of the largest joint stock companies in the country.


Industrialisation of Ulm

Leonhard Mayser’s son, Friedrich Mayser, and his son Sohn Fritz continue to develop the business, introduce machine-based production and become key figures in the industrialisation of Ulm.


Mayser “Hutmacherey”, a millinery shop founded in Ulm

Leonhard Mayser opens up a millinery shop in the Sterngasse in Ulm. Times are turbulent in the city occupied by Napoleon. Despite this, the success of the company does not take long: Mayser soon makes a name for himself manufacturing hand-made men’s hats from felt.

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