Your benefits

  • Excellent colour-fastness (grade 5 - 6 in XENON test)
  • Micro-porous, breathable cellular structure
  • Variably configurable product properties such as elasticity and hardness, colour and surface finish as well as washability.
  • Integration of active ingredients and additives, e.g. perfumes or active carbon for odour absorption
  • Can be processed with / glued to other products in e.g. wearables
  • Can be laminated with films
  • Bonds with textiles without additional adhesive


MAYSER BLUEFOAM® is used in the consumer, healthcare, and automotive sectors:

  • Comfort components for sportswear, shoe insoles, and lingerie
  • Comfort components for medical auxiliaries
  • Wearables, electronics carriers for medical and care applications
  • Covering foam for heated steering wheels

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