Product information

Depending on the control principle, we supply safety edges as normally open or normally closed chains:
  • When our Safety edges SL (normally open safety edges) are actuated, a contact closes, triggering a short circuit.  A signal transmitted to the evaluation unit immediately stops automatic movements to protect people and property. 
  • Our SL NC (NC = normally closed) safety edges feature a chain of linked NC contacts integrated in a rubber profile. When the safety edge is actuated, an existing contact is broken. 
  • You can cut your safety edges to size yourself for fast, cheap installation. 

Your benefits

  • Normally closed and normally open principles available
  • Available as normally open safety edge with monitoring resistor or as continuous edge with four-wire technology (two-sided cable). This ensures safety because the functions of the sensor and connection cable are constantly monitored. 
  • Wide range of profile geometries available​


Closing edge safeguards for machinery, gates, stages, bus & rail, in medicine, logistics etc.

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