Tips for applicants I FAQ

Tips for applicants

#1 General

Every application is unique and says something about your personality and qualities. By submitting it you leave us with a first impression.
That is why you should take your time and avoid mistakes. Compile your application carefully and completely.

#2 Cover letter

Motivation and suitability
In your application we would like to learn what motivates you to work in the chosen department at Mayser and how you became aware of us.

Layout and content
Write the cover letter in your own style. Show the strengths and talents that you have to offer and where you have been able to demonstrate them in the past. One page is sufficient.


#3 CV

Your CV should be in tabular form and should have a clear structure. Start with your current employment. Include complete contact data (with phone number and e-mail address) in case we need additional information. When it is complete, the CV must be dated with the current date.

Photo of applicant
A photo is not obligatory. If you include one, it should be up to date and of good quality. “Selfies” and clips from group or party photos are absolutely unsuitable.

#3 CV

In addition to your personal background, you also need to list your strengths and skills. When stating your IT and foreign language skills, we ask that you provide a personal assessment
(e.g. English: basic skills – fluent – business fluent – native speaker). 

Any gaps should be explained and never disguised. Feel free to list private activities, as long as they are relevant. We want to get to know you as a whole person and welcome information about your social commitment.

#4 Additional documents

Supplement your application with your most recent school reports, university diplomas, and employer references. You can also include any relevant certificates.

FAQ - experienced & young professionals

Should I submit my application online or by post?
We prefer online applications, since we can process them more quickly. Ideally you should upload your documents as a single file in PDF format on or application portal.

Which documents should I include?
Ideally an application includes a cover letter, your CV, as well as your school reports and certificates (the latter in a file).

What happens after I submit my application?
When we receive your application, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail. Close examination of your documents is a matter of great importance to us. We will contact you promptly as soon as we can tell you something significant about the status of your application.

To get to know you better, the next step is a telephone interview and/or a personal job interview. In any case, all applicants receive feedback from us.

If I call in person, will that improve my chances?
Additional contact has no effect on the filling of the position. Of course, we will be glad to answer any specific questions that are relevant for your application.

Is the desired position still open?
The job offers on our website are updated daily. If you find a Mayser job offer on another platform, it is current only as long as it also appears on our website.

I am seeking a career challenge, but have not yet found a suitable job offer on the Mayser website. What should I do?
Feel free to apply by sending your complete unsolicited application via the online application portal of the Mayser Group. Please click here to choose the right form for your preferred Mayser location and indicate your desired position.

Can I apply simultaneously for more than one position?
It is possible to apply for more than one position. In this case, please apply for one position and mention in your cover letter the other position(s) in which you are interested.

In general, we examine all applications with respect to all open positions and we will contact you if we think that a different department would be suitable for you.

What do I have to do if I wish to withdraw my application?
If you wish to withdraw your application, because you have meanwhile found other employment for example, simply notify us promptly – preferably via e-mail.

FAQ - Training

How do I apply correctly for an apprenticeship?
Starting in August you can apply for an apprenticeship the following year. Please use our online portal to apply.

Your application is the first impression we have of you. Make sure that your application documents are complete (cover letter, CV and the last three school reports). In your online application, please state the training occupation for which you are applying in the subject of your cover letter.

Is it possible for school classes to take a tour of the company?
We will be glad to offer your school class the opportunity to visit our company so that you can see our products live and become acquainted with the training occupations. This allows the pupils to acquire practical knowledge and a first impression of our company. Please send inquiries to or

Do you also support schools with career counselling?
On request we can also provide career counselling at your school for our training occupations. If you are interested, please contact us at the following e-mail address: or

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