Foam Technology & Moulding

Mayser Foam Technology & Moulded Parts has gained a position internationally over four decades as an unconventional and flexible partner for the development and manufacture of polyurethane special foams and system components that:

  1. Insulate against noise and heat loss
  2. Equalise tolerances
  3. Join different surfaces and materials
  4. Filter air and liquids 
  5. Prevent slipping
  6. Define distances
  7. Seal against dust
  8. Store liquids
  9. Protect, cushion and cover

There is a special focus on custom solutions.

Product overview

INDUCON® compressed foam

INDUSKIN Special foam

INDUPHON® Acoustic foam

INDUMONT Moulded, embossed and punched parts

MAYSER BLUEFOAM® non-yellowing PUR foam

You can rely on

  • Flexible, creative product development
  • Wide-ranging, industry-specific expertise
  • Fast development of complex solutions
  • Expert technical advice

Industries & solutions

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