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Mayser receives training certificate 2019 PLUS

The importance of opportunities for young people is not limited to sports. In times of shortage of specialists it is very important for enterprises to give young people the opportunity for high-quality training, to encourage and prepare them for their careers. Such training is long established at Mayser. As an enterprise in the field of foam and safety technology Mayser is aware of its responsibility for providing young people with the best training possible. As in 2018, Ulm’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce again rewarded this contribution, with the training certificate 2019 PLUS.

Multi-faceted support

Diverse requirements have to be fulfilled before an enterprise is recognised by the CIC as a training company. Mayser fulfils these requirements to a very high degree. The instructors not only teach practical content and prepare the apprentices for their tests. They also work as voluntary examiners at the CIC Ulm, and this commitment is acknowledged with the award of the “Plus” certificate. Various projects are designed to help develop the social competences, personal strengths and social commitment of the apprentices. 

One such project, for example, focuses on special competence training. The goal is to teach the apprentices soft skills for their personal development, and they learn how to conduct themselves in certain situations that can arise at the workplace or elsewhere. Starting this year the apprentices in Lindenberg additionally have the opportunity to complete part of their training in Ulm. This allows them to become more familiar with the entire company and the internal processes. In addition, it improves cooperation across locations and solidarity among all of the employees. But the training also provides plenty of opportunities for fun. Every year the apprentices in Ulm create a “Nabada” theme boat for the festivities on “Schwörmontag”, Ulm’s most important holiday.

Are you interested in the training opportunities offered by Mayser? We welcome all new talent!

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