Variable protection for clamping system and workpiece

INDUCON® mill foam mats made by Mayser optimise clamping workpieces with vacuum clamping systems

Vacuum clamping systems are used particularly in the wood and plastic processing industries to clamp a range of different workpieces. INDUCON® mill foam mats by Mayser reinforce the holding force and enable precise positioning of materials with maximum protection of the vacuum table from damage.

Vacuum clamping systems are frequently used on flatbed cutters which have a milling option for finishing graphic jobs on plates or roll material, like those produced by large suppliers of advertising technology. Mayser offers protective mats in various thicknesses and air permeabilities to protect the clamping system, compensate for unevenness on the workpiece, and distribute the vacuum holding forces evenly over a large area. The high friction coefficient combined with small thickness and sealing tolerances round off this product.  

Good pressure distribution supports high clamping forces

The variable, controllable air permeability and strength of the INDUCON® mill foam mat make it possible to precisely adjust to the pump output of the vacuum clamping systems to suit the properties of the material to be processed. The holding force of the vacuum is distributed even more evenly over the entire surface due to the cell structure. It also works in vertical applications that enable space-saving concepts, especially in advertising and plastics technology. For example, Andreas Harmuth CNC-Frästechnik makes use of this property with its vertical milling systems “F+Serie Vertikal” and “Vertiform”. A special version has been developed for this application with an adhesive coating which is permeable to air on one side. With the help of the mat, it is possible to mill sufficiently deep through the workpiece without risking damage to the clamping system.

INDUCON®: INDUCON®: Material with potential

The INDUCON® mill foam mat by Mayser can often be used repeatedly thanks to its high abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, and resistance to drilling emulsion, oils, and greases. The protective mats can also be customised with finishes such as embossing or printing.

Mayser has been operating internationally on the market as a development and manufacturing partner of special polyurethane foams for five decades. According to Christian Faimann, Account Manager in the Foam Technology Division at Mayser, INDUCON® with its wide range of product properties can be used for a wide range of other applications: “The flexibility of polyurethane foam combined with our expertise in processing it means we come up with new ideas and visions virtually every day. I see great potential in the area of material clamping, especially due to variable hardness and air permeability. For example, we are already in contact with several manufacturers about using it as cutting underlay. The first test results are very positive.”

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