The advanced USi® ultrasonic sensors from Mayser are used in many areas to detect people and objects by means of non-touch technology for reliable protection against injuries and damage. 

Product information

  1. Non-touch detection of objects and people
  2. The system detects objects made of all kinds of materials irrespective of shape, transparency and colour.
  3. Even the smallest objects are reliably detected over the entire distance of 2.5 m.
  4. Due to the robust ultrasonic transducer, distance measurement is also possible in rough/dirty environments
  5. Spatial spread of monitoring fields
  6. Very small ultrasonic transducer, which can be installed at any point independently of the electronic unit. That means it can be optimally integrated even where the installation space is too tight for conventional ultrasonic sensors
  7. Up to two ultrasonic transducers can be connected to one electronic system. They can be configured independently of each other.
  8. Mobile and stationary applications
  9. Two configurable outputs are allocated to each connected ultrasonic transducer (signal transmitter).
  10. All parameters, both for the application and the ultrasonic sensors, can be set with user-friendly software.

Optional ultrasonic safety

  1. Non-touch, safety-oriented detection of people and objects
  2. Two safe OSSD per ultrasonic transducer (sensor) as PNP semiconductor outputs, short-circuit-proof and cross-circuit monitored for protection fields, plus one OUT message output as PNP semiconductor output for alarm fields

Your benefits

  • Up to two freely positionable converters can be installed at a distance from the evaluation unit with minimum installation space
  • "Genuine" teach-in function: objects in the detection field can be taught.
  • Flexible parameter assignment
  • Ultrasound safety that complies with ISO 13849-1:2015 Category 3 PL d


Robotics, driverless transport systems, throughput monitoring, area monitoring

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